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If time has taken its toll on your once perky girls, youre not alone. Based on statistics, breast lift surgery is the most common type of cosmetic procedure performed in South Florida cosmetic surgeon offices.
If you’ve considered a breast lift but arent quite sure about the details, these answers to frequently asked questions about the simple procedure can help you make up your mind.What causes sagging breasts?Like it or not, breast sag or droop is a totally natural occurrence.
Unless you have very small breasts to begin with, your breasts will eventually pull downward as your skin loses elasticity. If youve lost a lot of weight or if youve been pregnant, the chances of your breasts changing shape as a younger age is much higher.What is a breast lift?A mastopexy the official name for a breast lift involves repositioning the nipple to a more natural position on the breast. Fort Lauderdale cosmetic surgeons use a variety of surgical techniques to accomplish this, and most will choose the procedure that is best for each patient.

Will a breast lift make my bust bigger?

A mastopexy by itself wont change the size of your breasts, but breast lifts are often performed in conjunction with breast augmentation or breast reduction.

How long does a breast lift take?

The actual procedure takes about two to three hours. Recovery time after a breast lift is about one week for initial recovery and three to four weeks for complete recovery.

Do I need to be admitted to the hospital for a breast lift?

While some doctors perform a mastopexy in the hospital on an inpatient basis, many South Florida cosmetic surgeons do breast lifts in their own offices as outpatient, or day surgery.

If youre not happy with the appearance of your breasts because they sag or because theyre not as firm as they used to be, talk to a South Florida cosmetic surgeon about your options for a breast lift, breast augmentation and other breast surgery.

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