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When investigating cosmetic surgery procedures, it is important to keep the individual needs and desires in mind.

There are certain surgeries that will help to improve the appearance of a person, but it is going to be important not to over do it.

For example, if a woman wants to receive breast augmentation in order to increase her confidence and self esteem, thatis great. However, the back will not be able to support breasts that are larger than a normal size for her body.

If she gets augmentation performed that is more than what she is capable of handling, she will actually be doing more harm to herself than good.

To this end, it is important to keep moderation in mind because this is one of the most important aspects when it comes to finding the mostadvantageous cosmetic surgery procedure for a person.

Also, the best surgery will be performed by the most qualified surgeons. There are many different types of cosmetic surgery, and some surgeons are better than others in specific areas.

For example, one surgeon may be more capable of performing and effective Rhinoplasty procedure as opposed to breast augmentation.

When a specific cosmetic surgery is decided upon by the individual, they will be able to get the most desired results by going to a surgeon that specializes or excels in a specific area.

This can help a person to achieve the most attractive results since they will be researching and consulting with someone who has a vast amount of knowledge and skill in the realm of their procedure.

The Kardashians Invade the Hamptons Newsweek

hose of a nostalgic disposition, might think the Hamptons, on the south fork of Long Island, have always been dying.

Maybe the slide toward trashy irrelevance started in 1659, when Chief Wyandanch sold 90,000 acres of virgin land to Lion Gardiner, an arriviste from the Old World.

Perhaps the bell tolled in 1870, with the arrival of the ribald artists of the Tile Club, whose house in East Hampton came to be known as Rowdy Hall.

Maybe the decline commenced a little later, in 1985, when the modernist Quonset hut that belonged to the painter Robert Motherwell was torn down by the investment banker Stephen Peck. Motherwell told The New York Times that the destruction was an omen of the barbarian invasion.

But some deaths are graceful, while others are gruesome. The Hamptons suffered the latter kind on June 2nd, when the Kardashian clan opened its Dash boutique in Southampton.

This autumn will bring Kourtney & Khloe Take the Hamptons, the latest of the family’s surreal reality TV shows, which have become fine, if inadvertent, adverts against plastic surgery. The apocalypse will reportedly commence shortly thereafter.

Let’s just get one thing out of the way before going any further: it’s no use pretending that, until the hedge-funders arrived in Sagaponack and the hipsters manqué tattooed the hell out of Montauk, the Hamptons were an enlightened seaside Arcadia of comity and grace.

There were plenty of blowhards, bigots and boors, but at least the summer crowd, whether anciently or recently moneyed, kept their histrionics behind the hedgerows of Gin Lane and Lily Pond Road, visible only to their ubiquitous gardeners and caterers, perhaps gossiped over during pre-dinner cocktails, but never escaping too far down the Montauk Highway.

There were, of course, exceptions, most notably Lizzie Grubman’s 2001 assault, via a Mercedes in reverse, upon a crowd at the Conscience Point Inn nightclub in Southampton.

While no one died, she managed to deftly crack the facade of Wasp-ish gentility that sat over the land like August humidity.

Others have followed in glorious, drunken suit, including former NBA player Jason Kidd, former New York schools chancellor Cathie Black and singer-songwriter Billy Joel.

They’ve all done their small part in leaving the Hamptons a little more trashy than they found them.

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